Hey there,

I'm Hope. I created The Rooted to be a place where I can combine my life long work in floral design, my want to better the Earth, and my studio art all together.

I've been doing floral design for a while now (ten years!) and I am so happy to be surrounded by a great team of people and other creatives who I collaborate with regularly to make sure we can bring your event to full life!

Floral design is about connection & appreciation. It is a reminder that we are connected to this beautiful earth & each other. The fleeting nature of flowers reminds us to appreciate the beauty & love around us.  My true goal is to help connect people with the natural world around them. When we let our eyes linger on a dahlia, or the scent of geranium fills our air, there is an awe that cannot be duplicated by the technological world around us. Nature fascinates & inspires me every day, and I want to bring that natural wonder to you.

When I am not working on events or working on the blog, I am usually creating art in the studio (yes, I still do florals just for fun too!), hiking on trail somewhere, or reading a good book (ask me for suggestions!) 

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